Snow guard grille ALSJ

Product code: ALSJ. HVAC number: 0

The grille is used in air intake vents to prevent penetration of water and snow into the building.

An ALSJ snow guard grille consists of a top and bottom frame, and vertical louvres.

The top and bottom frames are directed downward from the wall surface, preventing water and snow from penetrating into structures.

Vertical louvres form a labyrinth-like air intake channel that provide efficient protection against water and snow seeping into the building.

The vertical louvres are open at the bottom, making the louvres self-cleaning and maintenance free.

The material is mostly hot-galvanized steel, and the surface is powder-coated with RAL 7000, special colours are also available.

Mounting directly into rectangular ducts or vents.

The nominal width changes with 200 mm and height with 100 mm steps.