Metal subcontracting

Metal industry subcontractor

Subcontracting is a good alternative for companies that want to focus on their own core competence. Sopvalm offers a wide range of products for sheet metal subcontracting. We deliver orders ranging from single items to extensive series. Our services cover all stages from design to manufacture, surface treatment, and assembly.


A reliable partner for metal subcontracting

Sopvalm is an experienced and reliable partner for many types of metal subcontracting. Our strengths include:

  • versatility
  • flexibility
  • extensive machinery fleet
  • versatile facilities
  • comprehensive competence
  • we can serve a wide range of industries

Metal subcontracting for a wide range of industries

Sopvalm is capable of providing subcontracting services for a wide range of industries. We cooperate with the following industries, for example:

  • engineering industry
  • HVAC industry and other construction industries
  • vehicle industry
  • equipment industry
  • furniture industry