Contract Manufacturing


If necessary, we will assist our as early as at the product development stage.

Our professional team will cooperate with the customer throughout the process of product and technology design, to the selection of manufacturing techniques and materials.

This cooperation produces a high-quality and cost-efficient product.

We use the following product development programmes:

  • 3D Cad, Solid Edge
  • 3D Cad, Solid Works


With to our versatile range of machinery and equipment, as well as our facilities we can offer our customers a wide selection of services: from blanks to complete systems!

With our powerful laser we can cut material thicknesses from 0.5 to 20 mm, while the laser ensures excellent cut quality and unrestricted selection of shapes of cut items.

To cut sheet metal parts we use turret presses with automated material handling, threading and moulding.

Our press lines make it possible to make use a queue management system.

Sheet metal parts as well as various equipment plates, scales and guide signs are produced flexibly with a special labelling laser intended for such purpose.

We use a number of manual and robotic press brake cells.

We weld structural and stainless steels as well as aluminium. We use TIG, MIG/MAG and robotic welding.

Assembly is also one of the services we provide. Based on requests of our customers we produce various assemblies for their products.

We also acquire any necessary purchased parts, so that the customer receives from us a completely finished product.

Equipment and machinery


Our wide selection of materials includes cold-rolled (black, hot-galvanized, electroplated, and aluminized), hot-rolled, stainless and acid-resistant steel plates and steel strips. We are also able to process aluminium, copper, brass, steel wire, and various types of plastic.

Typical material thicknesses range from 0.2 to 20 mm.


We provide the service of manufacturing sheet metal products, from individual items to large production series, by using powerful and modern manufacturing techniques.

Equipment and machinery:

  • Turret punch press machines Amada EMZ, sheet dimensions 1.5 x 3 m; and FinnPower E, sheet dimensions 1.25 x 2.5 m, with automated material handling equipment. And an turret punch press machine Amada 357.
  • Laser Trumpf 6030, 4kw Co2; sheet dimensions 2×6 m with a pallet changer
  • Eccentric press machine with band feed 160 t
  • Laser marking
  • Sheet mangles
  • Press brakes 6 pcs, operating width 1-3 m, max 175 t
  • Robotic press brake cells: max 50 kg/3 m and max 20 kg/1 m
  • Welding cells: TIG, MIG/MAG, spot-welding
  • Tox and Pem riveting
  • Powder coating, possibility to handle large items W2500xH2100xL6000mm
  • Sub-contracting of surface treatment